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Food Articles

Kitchen Pantry Essentials with Egg Shop’s Sarah Schneider

Apr 7, 2020

Kitchen Pantry Essentials with Egg Shop’s Sarah Schneider


Life at home has become the agenda for the next few weeks. The majority of us are likely already three weeks in and so I think it is safe to say that a good portion of people have adapted to this temporary lifestyle.  We’ve spent time tidying our rooms, building out the makeshift home office, possibly managed to exercise with any heavy object that we can find, ate through a secret chocolate stash, and found comfort with taking Zoom meetings in our sweatpants.  

As much as we have done our best to settle in, there are the obvious setbacks with isolation. We miss our loved ones, enjoying a stroll through the park, and dining out at our favorite restaurants, but being at home does have some perks, we are learning more about ourselves and being present. With the extra time now, we might have started reading that book we’ve always said we would, paid a little more attention to our plants, and even channeled our inner Julia Child in the kitchen. It’s impressive to see all of our friends’ feeds showing off their home cooked meals and kitchen skills. It seems as if everyone was always part Chef!

So at this point, we all need to make it work in the kitchen and limited grocery visits have us thinking on what we need or enjoy most. Everyone seems to have their starting lineup of pantry essentials before getting into cheffing and Sarah Schneider, owner of Egg Shop in New York, takes us through her kitchen valuables.

Sarah and her husband Demetri Makoulis have been serving the streets of New York with free range organic egg sandwiches, bowls and dishes since 2014. They brought their coveted egg sandwiches and innovative egg dishes into the culinary world with a force.  Egg Shop has temporarily closed in an effort to flatten the curve so for now we’re going to hear how Sarah is enjoying her own home cooked meals. She tells us all the crucial goods she keeps at hand in her home kitchen. 

The Meat Hook Chicken Stock

Meat Hook is my local butcher in Williamsburg NY! I love their chicken stock. I am not a “make your own” chicken stock kinda gal, although that might change during quarantine! It’s great to have on hand for soups, chili and slow cook recipes.


Chica’s Corn Chips

Tortilla chips are always my go to snack.  I was recently introduced to these by a childhood friend. She sent me a case to help cure my quarantine blues. They have the perfect crisp, salt and grease! (Gluten Free)


Simply Organic spices

I can’t live without crushed red pepper, cumin and black pepper. 



A Mexican chili, lime, salt I am obsessed with. Toss these on a cucumber and tomato salad, this gives it the perfect zing! I also use this as a rim on margaritas

San Marzano Organic Crushed Tomatoes 

Of course…

Cento San Marzano Peeled Tomatoes, 28 Oz - -



Organic Dry Beans

I am trying to be better about not buying canned beans now that I have some time on my hands! I don’t have a favorite brand yet, I have been using Whole foods Organic. I would actually love a recommendation from someone!


Amy’s Organic Chili

I don’t know what it is but I’m obsessed with this spicy chili. Generally this would be a hangover/ lazy quick fix cure!

Valentina Salsa Picante

This is currently my favorite store bought brand but the Egg Shop “That’s Hot” hot sauce is also the jam! I hope to be selling the Egg Shop Hot Sauce sooner than later!


Whole foods organic label when I can’t get something fresh! Penne is my go to noodle of choice. 



Ortiz Anchovies

Love love love on toast. I am a person who craves savory food and this is my go to. Nothing better on toast or crackers or a baguette!

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or a Red Wine Vinegar!

Salad Dressings for days.