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May Playlist by Lila Gold

May 2, 2019

May Playlist by Lila Gold


New York-based and Aussie-born musician, Lila Gold is creating her own wave in pop music with psychedelic visuals that are just as stimulating as her new tracks. Lila’s music, which is tied with synthy progressions and rhythmic bass, encompasses her ethereal emotions. Her latest single, “Happy Idiot,” is now available on all streaming services for your listening pleasure.

For this month’s playlist, Lila has hand-picked some of the finest tunes to accompany your feelings through springtime. Serving you a helping of dancehall with a side of reggaeton, and topped with some dreamy pop, Lila’s selection will have you feeling right. Tune in and read on to get to know this up-and-coming synth-pop princess.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you find your passion for creating music and songwriting?

Growing up in a musical family, it’s all I’ve ever known. My dad introduced me to The Cure, Elliott Smith and a lot of hip hop when I was just a little girl. I would get a rush when finding new artists on the Internet. I still do. As much as there’s been a heavy influence from the musicians close to me, I’ve also discovered so much on my own, in my bedroom, on my laptop. I had a guitar when I was younger, but what really excited me was a set of turntables. I was scratching when I was 12 and was into J Dilla and DJ Premier. They aren’t from my era, so I definitely wasn’t listening to the same stuff at school as other kids. I would just scratch in my bedroom. I went to a N.E.R.D show when I was 10 too and snuck in with my mum and big brother. Music has never been an afterthought. It’s all I know and all I want. At the moment I’m heavily influenced by reggaeton, dancehall rhythms and any pop that’s dreamy, vulnerable and ethereal-sounding.


You bring forward a hugely colorful visual representation of yourself. Is there a particular connection between your visual representation and your music?

My sound is really playful, visceral and bittersweet — but also can get dark. I’m attracted to fantasy and escapism. So the way I sound and dress tend toward the surreal and hyper-emotional. There are only three colors that I wear: lavender, green and red.


How has moving to New York inspired who you are and your music?

I lived here when I was a little kid and moving back has been intense, like an overkill of energy — in a good way. There’s so much desire and despair here, from one extreme to the other. I feel ravished, torn apart, but sinking into a familiar warmth at the same time. Nowhere else compares to New York. The nature and the pace suits my character. It definitely sharpens my teeth. I’m so driven by emotions and anything pleasure-seeking. I feel like the rhythm has accelerated in my writing and there’s this vulnerability I’m digging into.

Take it back to when you were a young teenager. You hop in your parent’s car and they give you the AUX cord. What song are you blasting at this moment? And why?

“You’re Not Good Enough” by Blood Orange is, and always will, be my ultimate. I burnt through that Cupid Deluxe album every dazed moment in high school.


Any new projects you have coming up this year?

Definitely more single releases … very soon.


Best late-night New York spot to grub at?

Blue Ribbon Sushi or Impossible burgers at White Castle.