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Music Articles

What the Grammys Would Be Like If Frank Ocean Submitted “Blonde”

Feb 8, 2017

What the Grammys Would Be Like If Frank Ocean Submitted “Blonde”

We all know Frank Ocean opted out of the Grammys this year, telling the New York Times, “That institution certainly has nostalgic importance—it just doesn’t seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down.” Even though he’s said this is going to be his “Colin Kaepernick moment,” we still wonder what would have happened if he was in the running.

Album of the Year: “Blonde” — Frank Ocean

With current nominees like Justin Beiber and Sturgill Simpson, we have no doubt Frank Ocean’s Blonde would take this one. From standout favorites like “Ivy” and “Pink + White” to features from Grammy-favorites like André 3000 and Beyoncé, Ocean would have taken this one home—no question.

Best Music Video: "Nikes" — Frank Ocean

As one of our favorite videos of the year, “Nikes” represented a turning point in Ocean’s career. Not only was it one of his most visual videos, it also showed a side of him (shoutout Balmain) we’d never seen before.

Record of the Year: "Pink + White" — Frank Ocean

After waiting four years for Blonde to drop and proceeding to listen to favorites like “Pink + White” over and over, we all know this one would go to Ocean as well—and although we won’t be able to watch him in all of his Grammy-glory this year (or maybe ever again), at least we know who the real winner would have been.