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The Mura Masa experience

Sep 4, 2018

The Mura Masa experience


It’s odd to call a solitary performer a band, but it’s the only comparison that captures the intensity and depth, the reverberations in your soul you’re still feeling days later. I saw Mura Masa at Observatory in Santa Ana, the venue packed with very little room to spare. The infectious dance scene had me shaking my own moves without even realizing it. Not only was the vibe on point, but you could literally feel the ground shaking from the passion and movement that was lifting everyone’s spirit.

The kickass live performer who sparked this vibe is a London-based 21 year old; emphasis on “performer.” I knew going in that Masa would put on a show, but nothing could prepare me for the actual intensity that was brought onto the stage that night, which sent me into a frenzy for the remainder of the weekend.

Masa performed alongside special guest – NAO. The duo collaborated together on songs like “Nuggets,” “1Night,” “Love$ick,” “Firefly,” and their new single, “Complicated.” The stage was illuminated with purple and green LED lights, over visuals projected on a backdrop. From start to finish the show dazzled with electrifying lights, coordinated with suspenseful bass drops that built to the climax of the show.

There is a distinct difference between an artist who makes music and plays shows and an artist who makes music and can live it in the performance. Mura Masa is the latter. Masa eventually brought the entire audience to dance, while using the kit he had on hand. I have no idea how a DJ would create that vibe with the meager instruments he had, but as my friend noted: “This man is a straight up badass. He puts together a fucking experience.”