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Paris Fashion Week Through the lens of Glenjamn

Jan 28, 2020

Paris Fashion Week Through the lens of Glenjamn


Sup my name’s Glenjamn and thanks for checking out my photos from the latest edition of Men’s Paris Fashion Week 🙂  I’ve been going to Paris back and forth for like 10 years and I have a special relationship with the city.  I used to fly out to Paris to shoot musicians creating history throughout the years, now I fly out to shoot the homies doing their thing as big-time designers reinvigorating the city of fashion.  TBH, I’m not really a “fashion” guy.  I don’t have a background in fashion or anything… but I do love taking photos of my friends.  These photos are a collection of the homies doing their thing and me loitering at their fancy functions.

I really like Virgil because he’s always been so nice to me over the years… so of course I was gonna roll to the Louis Vuitton and Off-White shows to see him have his “Daft Punk moment.” 



The same goes for the fine folks at Alyx, whom I genuinely love to hang out with.

 My homegirl just got a job at Dior so she invited me to their runway show.  

The homies from MAN/WOMAN shows told me to roll by their trade show, so I went.

The Babylon and BornXRaised dudes were in town, so I kicked it with them.

Michael La MJC and Arthur Kar are Parisian originals… so of course I’m gonna go and show respect. 

Basically, these photos are a collection of me hanging out with my friends somewhere… it’s just that this particular “somewhere” is Paris during fashion week.  So, enjoy all this film I ran through in Paris!