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Tech Articles

Apps for your side hustle

Apr 24, 2018

Apps for your side hustle


and your wallet...

Between a skyrocket in student debt loans, higher unemployment rates, and a less-forgiving real estate market, it’s no surprise that us millennials have it fiscally more difficult than our predecessors. Although, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve – we are twice as likely to have a side hustle compared to baby boomers. So if you’re in the need for a couple extra bucks, here are a couple apps for both IOS and Android that have your back.

image via postmates

Use your car (not as a taxi)

If you’re looking to drive but would rather not chauffeur randos around in your new whip with Uber or Lyft, then there are a couple stellar alternate options for you. With nothing more than a car, a smartphone, and a background check, you can get paid $18-$25 an hour to deliver packages with Amazon Flex. If you’d rather deliver food or office supplies, then you can get paid about the same to work for Postmates. The best part is their flexible nature – like the taxi apps, you can work however often you’d like, and on your own hours.

Get cracking on coding

Tech jobs are everywhere, which is good if you’re looking to make some serious money coding. If you don’t know how to code, a great app to start with the largest community of mobile code learners is SoloLearn. In addition to giving you flash cards, lessons, and quizzes suited to your level, you can challenge friends with coding-related questions to further motivate the learning process. Once your skills are sharp enough, popular job-finding sites like Indeed and Monster both have their own apps that are great for a part-time work search.

Rent out what you hardly use

If you’ve got it, use it – for some passive income. Maybe you’ve got a car but are just can’t be bothered driving it to earn some extra pocket change? No judgment here, because you can make up to $600 a month by using the app for Turo. You get to set your availability and rates, and they provide their own comprehensive insurance program to make sure your ride is protected. If you’re up for the same deal for your home, VRBO does the same thing if you have a place you’re not using all the time, and you can earn up to a whopping $60,000 a year. Who doesn’t like mailbox money?

Sell what you never use

Bought some things with your keen sense for style, and want some extra cash for it? Basic Space is your place. This IOS app is geared towards a peer-to-peer selling experience, paying you for your opulent style via selling your lightly or never used goods. The entire experience is exclusive, however, so you’ll need to be able to demonstrate you’ve got a keen eye for style to get access as a seller. It’s all worth it, though, because as app founder, Jesse Lee stated, you’ll be working with “your favorite musician’s producer, your favorite brand’s Creative Director and your favorite restaurant’s chef.” Basically, it’s a great way to get your name out there while making a couple bucks in the process.

Get paid to watch dogs

Yes, it’s actually a thing. With Rover, you can earn up to $1000 a month to watch users’ dogs when they are away. You can choose your rates and when you’d like to work, if you’d rather dog sit at their place or at your home, and you can even select which dogs you’d like to watch based on their breed, age, and size. Who would have thought that watching dogs could make paying your bills a little less “ruff”?