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Tech Articles

New uses for blockchain technology

Jun 8, 2018

New uses for blockchain technology


Let’s face it – the cryptocurrency fad has been on the decline following its explosion late last year. While the remaining players of the trading game are sitting with their fingers crossed and cryptocurrencies squirreled away, the blockchain technology that powers the currencies is just getting started, and…it’s going to make your life better?

Obligatory Blockchain Explanation: blockchain uses cryptography and involves a series of linked “blocks” of information, all containing three key components: a “hash,” which is a unique identification number that acts as a thumbprint for each block, a list of previous hashes that validate the order of the blocks in the blockchain via their identifying hashes, and the data that each block contains, which in bitcoin’s case is the detail of a transaction of bitcoin from one account to another.

The blockchain is validated through a publicly-available “ledger,” which lends transparency and ensures security.  Even if a supercomputer attempted to pull a fast one on the blockchain, it couldn’t feasibly be faster than the combined computing power of everybody else involved, which makes the security of blockchain technology quite robust.

Here comes the fun part. Though blockchain technology is generally attributed to the creation of Bitcoin, the data on each hash doesn’t have to be transactions for a cryptocurrency. Blockchain actually has quite a few applications for your day-to-day consumer, which mostly have to do with the transparency and security of the technology. Here are some of our favorites…



One neat industry blockchain has merged with is VR. Hosted entirely in blockchain technology, Decentraland allows users to purchase pieces of land within a virtual world. It’s like the Sims! Kind of. You can do anything you want with the land you own: build houses, businesses, or services, all of which can be monetized.


If you’re more into visiting real places but not as keen on going in person, Ceek provides a unique option for you. Also rooted in blockchain, Ceek uses virtual reality to transport “Ceekers” to concerts and events around the globe. The community votes on what event they want to visit using transparent blockchain technology, allowing users to keep a fresh repertoire on the latest events without having to step foot outdoors.


If you’re looking for something physical and a little simpler for your blockchain fix, try Crypto Candle. A code is inside some of the candles, which can be redeemed for up to a full bitcoin, or at the time of the posting of this article, about $8000. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the oakmoss, sandalwood, and amber-patchouli scents during the 60+ hour burn time.


We’ve had a lot of problems tallying out voting lately. Paired with our derelict voting machines, America has been trailing behind the cutting edge when it comes to our election technology. That’s why Agora has been harnessing the power of blockchain to make voting more secure and efficient. Plus, thanks to Sierra Leone, it’s already been used in a presidential election.