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Tech Articles

Artificial Intelligence is Here

Nov 9, 2016

Artificial Intelligence is Here


It’s happening. Fictionalized robots have fascinated us in film and TV for decades, but now real-life R2D2s are making their way into our homes. These synthetic brains are doing everything from clothing design to household chores. Their purpose is that eventually, all humans may have to do is kick up their feet and let computers do all the work for us. Whether or not a life of pure relaxation is a fair trade for a loss of control is the question yet to be answered.  Ready or not, here comes the future:

Adidas just made its first shoe created almost completely by an automated system.

The sneaker giant is no stranger to keeping up with the times since it was founded in the 1940s. Adidas manufactures about 300 million shoes a year and mostly by hand, but their technique is in the midst of a robotic makeover. Their new German plant is planning to finish 500 prototypes to test out and eventually add “Speed Factories” to assembly lines. If all goes as planned, Adidas will be cutting a fortune and speeding up production. An Atlanta branch is already set to open 2017 and Adidas is predicting in a couple of years that will be more than tripling their annual production.


Moti will make you quit all those bad habits.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. While Moti is small enough to fit in a purse, it has the power to push your most stubborn bad habits aside to make way for a healthier lifestyle. You can go on with your busy life and Moti will be a presence that will remind you of what you have yet to achieve. Want to run everyday? Drink more water? Moti’s got you. And it’s smart enough to reward you for the changes you make too.


BIG-I is going to become apart of your family.

The phrase “you missed a spot” will retire when NXROBO‘s BIG-I launches. The robot can see, hear, walk, and respond to voice commands. As it gets to know you, the more “thoughtful and intelligent” BIG-I will be to your needs. It can do everything from wake up the kids, to cleaning the floors, to answering your front door. The prototype is currently available on kickstarter for just $799—$600 less than it will be at retail price.