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There is always time to meditate

Rare & Well
Feb 8, 2018

There is always time to meditate


There is Always Time to Meditate

How to start the ten minute practice that will change your life.

We are well into February and you have probably, like most, neglected your New Year’s resolutions if not completely abandoned them. As the gyms and yoga studios empty out from the ‘resolutionist’ takeover in January, you may even find yourself slowing down as life goes on. It can feel very difficult to get that 30 minute elliptical session in or even find 10 minutes to start that meditation app you downloaded on New Year’s.

Yes life is crazy, hard, weird and tiring but there is always time to meditate. I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about topics around meditation like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘being present,’ and for good reason. These two are symbiotic: you can’t have one without the other. These states of being can feel intimidating, if not nearly impossible living in 2018. You’re working to pay the bills, feed yourself, find your place in this tumultuous political climate and trying to maintain a social life on top of it all. But here is a way to incorporate meditation while still living your best life.

Focusing on the sounds of everyday life to calm your thoughts


Meditation using your senses can be practiced at any time and any place. Living in New York City, I love to do this while on the train, biking around or simply sitting in a park. All you need are your senses. Wherever you are, begin to listen to the sounds around you- a car starting, the siren of an ambulance, a person laughing or whatever distinct sounds you hear. Make note of them in your mind. Once you have heard and counted off five things, start over and listen for another five distinct sounds.

Take notice of the details in the objects that surround


If you feel the symphony of life is becoming a little redundant then you can use your eyes. Notice the mailbox and its color, shape and size. See a bird flying overhead or the brick on the building and once again take note of their unique qualities. If you’re really feeling it, you can do this with touch too! I personally love to do this in grocery stores since I love to feel the food I may (potentially) purchase.

Acknowledge the memories scents trigger


This meditation is not only exclusive to the aforementioned senses. You can practice this while eating through taste and smell as well. Not only will you enjoy your meal more, but you will probably be amazed at how little food you need to satisfy yourself! It’s about using your senses to be mindful in grounding and immersing yourself to the present moment through your current environment.

Practice for about 10 minutes or as long as you feel is sufficient. There is no right or wrong amount of time to meditate as even a few minutes a day can be effective. At some points you may find that your mind has wandered and you forgot what you were doing. That’s okay. Just take a conscious breath and start over again.