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Put a crystal on it

Rare & Well
Feb 21, 2018

Put a crystal on it


Put a Crystal on it

and feel the heal...

Over the last month most of my Instagram stories have mainly consisted of me rubbing my face with a crystal facial massager. It’s now an obsession. I’ve always been a fan of massages (who isn’t?) but bodily pleasures aside, I realized I had been neglecting my face! Like some of my 20-something year-old friends, I had an unfortunate bout of cystic acne and literally wanted to rip my face off. Having clear skin for most of my life, I was humbled by this experience and tried everything under the sun to clear up my skin.

Although crystal rollers did not clear up my acne, they helped to smooth out the unsightly scars and made my skin glow again. Yes, beauty comes from within, but let’s get real. In 2018 it’s not about being “young at heart,” it’s more about looking youthful until your dying days. Not that appearances haven’t mattered for centuries, but in a digital age where everything is magnified tenfold, appearances are under more pressure than ever.

Chinese women have used crystal facial rollers for centuries. They believe the qualities of a crystal can be absorbed through the skin while also encouraging circulation, ultimately creating a softer complexion. Rollers also help to reduce lines and relieve the tension and stress we carry in our faces. I have used a Jade roller and recently started using a Rose Quartz roller because each crystal has different qualities for unique powerful healing.

The roller should not by any means be limited to use on the face. I recommend using it on your neck, arms and legs too! I was in a biking accident a few years ago and had scar tissue that produced subtle pain on my thigh. Now, I rub the roller on my scar and it alleviates the constant tension I previously felt in my nerves.

You can find plenty of rollers online or in salons, spas and boutiques. If you’ve never heard of Chakrubs, the first ever crystal centric sex toy company, I’d say it’s time to get familiar! Not only do they create the most beautiful pieces completely made of natural crystal, but they now carry a Rose Quartz roller. I’m only down for using the most natural products when it comes to putting things on or in my body.

The roller is super simple to use- first, wash your face and carry out your usual skincare routine until you’re ready to moisturize. Once you’ve applied your face oil or moisturizer, then use the roller to help finish rolling it in. Roll that magical crystal up and out on your forehead, cheeks, nose and jaw. You can use it in the morning to help you wake up, or at night to massage that stressful day out of your face. Some of my LA friends even use it during their commute. I love leaving it in the freezer overnight and rolling the sleep out of my puffy eyes in the morning (hangover hack.)

Most rollers come with two sizes on either end. I use the smaller one under my eyelids and the bigger one on my face and neck. Roll for about 5-10 minutes a few times a week to achieve the ultimate glow up!

Use the smaller end for your under eye and nose area
Rolling on the neck reduces lines and creases
Roll upwards on the cheeks, forehead, and jawline