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Wellness Articles

The Secret of Calm: Our Guide to Self Care

Mar 25, 2020

The Secret of Calm: Our Guide to Self Care


It seems nearly impossible to not be distracted by everything going on in our world today. With information rapidly churning out from various sources and everyone struggling to keep up with constant change, it’s easy to forget about someone who equally deserves your attention – you. We believe that self-care should not be viewed as a current trend or an occasional luxury, but instead as an integrated practice in our daily life. As we find ourselves with more time alone, it’s important to assess how much of our schedule we allocate to self-care. Of course, what that entails can vary from person to person. So whether you classify self-care as indulging in decadent skincare or sprucing up your home with a candle instead, there is a product out there for you.

The team at WestwoodWestwood has compiled a list of products that we believe can do just the trick. However, it’s worth noting that this list embraces self-care as an experience, rather than just a routine practice. So sit back, relax, and treat yourself to any of these quality goods that will have you feeling, looking, and smelling your best.

Beauty Comes From Within

It can be difficult to look your best if you don’t feel your best. For example, one common rule is to always stay hydrated, and you can do so by sampling Dirty Lemon. While lemon water is known for its nutritional hydrating properties, Dirty Lemon’s drinks provide a wide range of other benefits as well. We suggest trying their +activated charcoal flavor to help gently rid your body of impurities, while further aiding digestion. Another excellent option is their +turmeric flavor – a great option for fighting inflammation. 

If you have more of a taste for matcha, we know of a product that provides all of matcha’s antioxidant properties while still keeping you hydrated. A collaboration between Art of Tea and Boxed Water, Boxed Matcha is a bundled deal that provides 500mL cartons of Boxed Water with easy to use “Matchasticks”. Simply pour in the 2g packet of matcha powder into your carton and you instantly have matcha on-the-go. 

Moon Juice is another brand that we recommend for future relaxation time, however the benefits are more than what meets the eye. Made with high standards of efficacy and purity, Moon Juice strives to heal consumers through natural ingredients. We suggest their SuperYou supplement.  Made from a blend of four adaptogenic herbs, this supplement works to lower cortisol levels in the body, reduce stress, and elevate energy, mood, and focus. If you also find yourself working from home more frequently these days, give their BrainDust supplement a try as well. This other adaptogenic blend not only targets stress, but also supports mental stamina, alertness, and concentration. Last but not least, a supplement for your nightly skin routine. Make your skin radiate from the inside out with Hum Nutrition’s Glow Sweet Glow gummies. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, these vegan gummies do an excellent job keeping your skin glowing while stimulating collagen production.

Your Body is Your Temple

Few things scream health quite like radiant, smooth skin. We encourage giving your skin that extra loving it may need with any of the quality products by Clarins. If you’re looking for a quality hand moisturizer during this time of routine hand washing, we recommend Clarins’ Hand and Nail Treatment Cream for some additional radiance and care. We also suggest treating your face to a gentle exfoliation after a long day with Clarins’ Comfort Scrub Nourishing Oil Scrub – an oil-infused gel that works equally wonderful as a lip scrub. However, don’t feel like your lip care needs to stop just there. Give your lips some some further TLC with KNC Beauty’s All Natural Infused Lip Mask. Free of harsh chemicals, these masks use rose flower oil and collagen to both hydrate and plump. If you’re prone to the occasional blemish too, do not fear. Starface’s Hydro-Star acne patches can get rid of those undesired spots fast. Not only are they made of 100% Hydrocolloid dressing, but their unique branding and shape will brighten up anyone’s nightly skincare routine. 

Our team encourages making self-care about the whole body and not just the face. For instance, treat your entire body to a much-needed exfoliation while still avoiding all those harsh chemicals and fragrances. Incorporate C & The Moon’s amazing Malibu Made Body Scrub into your self-care routine if you’re on the market for all-natural products. Composed of organic ingredients like brown sugar, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil, this product is a deliciously sweet-smelling scrub that will have your body feeling amazing.  


This next product is for the ladies, or anyone who cares about his or her lady’s feminine hygiene. We present to you a cool, female-focused brand named Quim. Don’t only focus on caring for your physical beauty, but use Quim’s Happy Clam oil to take care of your more sensitive parts too. Labeled as ‘eye cream for your vagina’, this oil contains 1.5-2mg of CBD per serving and keeps your feminine parts hydrated, happy, and healthy.

Protect Your Sacred Space

The environment we find ourselves in can strongly influence our state of mind. When setting time aside to engage in self-care, it’s a good idea to amplify the calmness and serenity within our space. One of the best ways to do so is through aromatherapy. Aesop produces great products for your home that can transport you from your bedroom to a luxury 5-star hotel. For example, their Anouk Oil Burner Blend is a great addition to your oil diffuser at home, providing floral and citrus scents that last for hours. We also recommend using the Olous Aromatique Room Spray to further enhance the ambiance with notes of jasmine, grapefruit, and galbanum. If you’re not necessarily looking to be transported to a relaxing getaway but instead encounter nostalgia, we suggest burning a Homesick candle. Choose between a wide variety of complex scents that are guaranteed to bring you some sensorial memories of a special place. Whether it’s your home state, hometown, or a destination that brings you peace of mind, there’s a Homesick candle that can bring you a little closer.

For those who enjoy a little indulgence but are also looking to supplement their spiritual well-being, David Yurman’s amulet collection could be the accessory for them. Inspired by ancient symbolism, this beautiful collection allows someone to mix-and-match spiritual pendants to uniquely tell his or her story. Whether you are looking for protection, strength, guidance, or fortune, invite these energies into your life with this one-of-a-kind collection.

The following suggestion is for the visual thinkers, the book collectors, and the travel buffs. If you’re currently suffering from wanderlust as your burn your aromatic Homesick candle at home, we have a great book recommendation for you. Flip through Taschen’s Great Escapes Hardcover Book Set and you’ll be left amazed by the spectacular sights our world has to offer.  The collection features stunning photographs from some of the world’s most prized and kept locations that will take your mind on a peaceful getaway all from the comfort of your home.


Because we’re finding ourselves cozied up at home more than usual these days, what better time than the present to invest in your living space? Our team recommends  The Elder Statesman’s Cashmere blanket to leave you feeling a little more snug at home. Knitted by hand, these one of a kind pieces will bring that touch of vibrance and gentle living to your everyday space. 

As we previously mentioned, the definition of self-care can vary from person to person. It’s all about taking that little extra step, regardless of what it is, to make ourselves feel just that much better. More often than not, the key to a clear mind is quality sleep. We suggest Slip’s Silk Eye mask and pillow cases to compliment your nightly bedtime routine. Allow this brand’s silky-smooth materials and anti-aging properties to take your quality of sleep to the next level. Why view sleep as just lights out when it can be the dessert after dessert? Remember, treat yourself.