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Sep 15, 2017

A.CHAL, Musician


Get intimate with A.CHAL, the singer who interweaves sensual R&B with his Peruvian roots to bring us a one-of-a-kind sweltering sound.

Alejandro is A.CHAL


It’s easy to feel bogged down by the music industry, to feel the same tones in everyone’s beats, to see the same girls playing the same character in every video. You become numb to it all. You pick up the popular attitude that authentic artistry has vanished. When a glimmer of originality appears again, it is so viciously recirculated by major labels that the original style feels fragile and tired. Despite the exhaustion, the intimacy capable of being achieved in today’s musical realm brings some freshness to the negativity.

Alejandro Chal, a peruvian LA-based musician that goes by A.CHAL, is representative of the intimacy and variation in perspective that bathes isolated pockets of the music industry of today in a rich sweetness. The short time he spent living with his mother in rural Peru give Alejandro’s music a pureness, which lives in the cricket chirps that open his 2017 album, ON GAZ, and in recurring hallucinations of Saint Mary. Alejandro sings about delighting in and feeling numb to LA’s allure and stardom based around excess and consumption. His lyrics move in and out of Spanish and English, his voice in and out of a raw falsetto, as his body jumps up and down the stage—and his fans love every moment of it.



Reaching GAZI Level

We’ve gone behind the scenes, on stage, and in the studio with A.CHAL. Now it’s time for you to hear what the hype is all about.

For more on A.Chal, follow him on SoundCloud, Instagram, + Twitter.