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Wellness Articles

Healing Within: Channeling Calm and Chill Vibes with Courtney Abbiati of The Urban and the Mystic

Apr 9, 2020

Healing Within: Channeling Calm and Chill Vibes with Courtney Abbiati of The Urban and the Mystic


As we continue to practice mindfulness in times of uncertainty and solitude, we introduce our second rendition of  Healing Within. This week, we are talking with Courtney Abbiati of The Urban and the Mystic.  


I am always on the search to find more natural ways to control my feelings of uneasiness. Stress is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life and something that is hard to avoid in our current state of affairs. While everyone works to find their own ways of coping with uninvited angst, something you may have not thought of,  is the healing power of crystals. Crystals are highly energetic and calming. Using the correct ones can help you with connecting inwards on a more spiritual level. 

I recently spoke with Courtney Abbiati, co-founder of The Urban and the Mystic, a company focusing on creating moments of intention through carefully curated gifts.  The core of the gift box centers on a specific theme or area of one’s life that seeks some much needed love and allows even the crystal novice to master the practice without intimidation. The message encompasses a reminder we all need in our lives especially now: If you take a moment to consistently show up for yourself, your life, and the magic it carries, it will show up for you.

What are your morning and evening rituals? 

Every morning I meditate. It’s a must. It’s like how most people can’t start their day without a cup of  coffee, for me meditation is my coffee. Then I have my real coffee. And something really important to mention is that I do  what I can, if I’m short on time one more then my mediation is shorter, if it’s a lazy Sunday morning and I’ve got all the time in the world, then I meditate long, but the through line is I always meditate.  In the evenings I take a bath. There is something about stepping into hot water (and I don’t think I’m alone on this) that just makes me release my entire day. This may seem like a silly thing, as many people rinse off after their day, but this is not just a physical cleanse, but also an emotional one.  In the tub every night I let go of my day. Yes, I’ve been guilty of sending emails and taking calls from the same bathtub, but I always make sure that at some point in that soak I have created a moment to just be, to breathe, to be grateful for the day I had and then release it to the powers that be.


 How did you create The Urban and The Mystic and what was your inspiration?  

The inspiration came from seeing the need.  I don’t know if I was born a seeker, but either I was or it happened very quickly because I cannot remember a time in my life where I wasn’t wanting to learn about and experience some alternative thing.  You see at my core, I’m an artist, I went to Boston University’s acting conservatory and telling stories is my favorite thing in the whole world to do and when you are an artist of any kind there is so linear path, so creating touchstones and practices that keep you tethered to terra firma and feeling that you have a purpose is very important.  So over the years I had amassed a decent knowledge about different healing modalities and crystals were one that always took top billing. I see crystals as a tool to help you go inward, to unplug from the world and plug into yourself to see where you need healing or what is vibrating high that you could share with the world and so long story short, I was at this massive gem show and I was looking around and saw that no where was I represented, meaning, if you are a “normal” person making your way through the world where is your access point to crystals? I couldn’t really see one.  Although what other companies offer it wonderful, I wanted to put my spin on it, create something that cut to the core of things, that made crystals super easy to understand and work with, I wanted to make it very clear that we could be live in an urban world and use “mystical” things and it’s really not as woo woo as you think.  

What were you looking to create with these intention kits? 

I was looking to create something beautiful that you could give to yourself or someone you love that helps you create a moment, a moment to heal, to call in love, to bless your home, to change the course of a bad day.  We’re all so busy with “life” and the problem with that is when you’re that busy you can miss your life, miss the moments and these boxes give anyone an excuse to be right here, right and create something beautiful. You are saying, “People will never remember what you say but that’ll always remember how you made them feel?” Well, I just wanted to create something that gave someone a feeling they’d never forget. 


Do you have a favorite kit or set of crystals? 

That’s like picking a child! I love them all for different reasons. For instance, I’m not currently heartbroken, thank God, but I wish something like that was available when I was going through heartbreak.   I think our Good Vibes Box is truly a cure-all, evergreen type product, if you’re looking for something beautiful to add to your life, it’s perfect. If you need a house warming gift, here ya go! Looking to send your best friend love just because? Then look no further.  Plus amethyst, which is in that box, is my birthstone so I may be a little biased. If you’re looking for gifts that are touching in ways unimaginable our Celebration, Bereavement and Baby Boxes are all so special. I think they offer a new way to do things we’ve always done. For instance, I love flowers, but it’s never made sense to me that we are sending something that is going to die to someone who just experienced death, The Bereavement Box is not just a lasting sentiment of your love to the grieving, but it also helps someone move through their grief.  Last, but not least, The House Blessing Box, this box was one of the first we developed and to this day it’s one of our best sellers. Of course it’s a fabulous housewarming gift, but it’s also great for holidays and birthdays as I always like to remind people, you physically deep clean your home, you need to emotionally do so as well! As far as a favorite individual stone, it really depends where in life I’m currently at. If I’m wildly busy I lean on selenite. If I’m feelin’ groovy and want to dive deep into some mystical stuff I go to apophyllite and if I’m traveling a lot I carry black tourmaline and amethyst on me. 

What are some ways that you “live intentionally?” 

LISTENING.  By listening to those around me, my animals, nature and more importantly my intuition.  The more you can strengthen that muscle the better you’ll be not just in the world of living intentionally, but your whole life will get better. You’ll walk into a room and feel, something is off, this desk is way too cluttered or you’ll ask someone how they’re doing and by truly listening to the answer you’ll all of a sudden find yourself in a meaning and beautiful conversation that you never saw coming. 

What are some simple ways that one can clear their space and energy? 

Smudging a space is very powerful and easy to do, you can literally google tutorials, buy some sage and you’ll be on your way.  I also believe that everything has a place and there’s a place for everything, so by not holding onto a bunch of things you don’t need I believe you keep your space “healthy” and of course crystals are amazing in any space!  You just need to see what energy you want and where. So in a bedroom we want loving, healing peaceful vibes, so I like to put rose quartz, selenite, celestite and lepidolite in a bedroom. In an office space we want creativity and productivity so malachite, pyrite and citrine are my go tos.

What does self care mean to you and what is your self care routine? 

To me self care means showing up for yourself and doing the things that most likely you’d encourage someone else to do for themselves but you’re not taking the time or spending the money to do for yourself.  I always say to people, “You’d never no show for _____, but you bail on yourself all the time.” Self care to me means hot baths, saying no to not doing things that I don’t have time for or don’t want to do it means investing in my health, taking hikes, doing nothing for a whole goddamn day if I want to (and have the time), but basically it’s doing the things that make me feel good and like a full person, someone who is loved, taken care of and at peace. 


What are some crystals you can recommend for protection, anxiety, and stress with everything we are going through now?

 I actually just wrote a whole blog on this!  Here’s the link, I recommend all of these stones 🙂

What is your most life changing book?

 I’m gonna have to go with The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.


What is your most valuable tip/secret to being mindful and glowing?

Med-i-ta-tion.  Once you find your inner peace, even if someone or something takes it from you, you know how to get it back.  When you’re happy, that’s it, that’s the ticket. Nothing is more beautiful than a smile. 


How do you achieve – or strive to improve – your professional, emotional, mental and physical harmony in your life? 

This is tough, when you start a company it’s like having a baby, you must tend to it’s every need, but in the same breath, if you’re not tending to your known needs the well will become dry and then you’re in a real bad spot. This is my number goal this year, to have a healthy work life balance, it will make me a better business owner. Of course I have my daily meditations, but I’ve also been setting aside time every week to workout, I take one day a week with no work at all and I’ve stopped doing everything myself. Nothing great was ever built along, so not only is it important but imperative for me to lean on others and I’ve been very lucky to work with great people that lift me up.