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Encuentro Guadalupe Is Paradise

Jul 6, 2016

Encuentro Guadalupe Is Paradise


When it comes to vacationing, I have this thing: I don’t do it. My idea of a vacation is going somewhere for work and maybe staying an extra night and ordering ice cream at midnight in a hotel robe (strong Home Alone vibes). So when Fourth of July weekend finally came around, I decided it was time to get take the plunge and actually go offline for the weekend. Look, I still brought every electronic device and charger possible, but get this—I only used my phone for the occasional photo or map. As someone who is always in the thick of it, I realized maybe the thinness is where it’s at.

So where exactly did I go? To a tiny little town in Mexico called Valle De Guadalupe and to the most beautiful hotel-not-hotel I’ve ever stayed in: Encuentro Guadalupe. It’s only about 200 miles from Los Angeles and worth every single minute of the drive.

Encuentro Guadalupe is an unexpectedly modern destination with clean lines and impeccable architecture in the middle of a very rustic and homey Valle de Guadalupe. The individual pods you can stay in are like little havens in the sky. They all feature minimal aesthetics, wooden furniture, beautiful fire-laden porches, and my personal favorite: their own sound systems. I even heard Rihanna rented out the entire space for a getaway—google it, you won’t find one photo because Encuentro prides itself on discretion and relaxation.

I spent my days visiting beautiful vineyards (go to L.A. Cetto and Vena Cava) and eating far too much (the seafood at Encuentro Guadalupe, everything at Corazón de Tierra, and authentic Mexican fare at a very quaint restaurant in Ensenada with a pink exterior and literally no name).

While all of those activities were amazing, the best and most beautiful parts were the reclusive evenings. I sat out on the porch and as cliché as it sounds, lived in the stillness. From the sound of the breeze to the gentle crackling of a fire to the mess of stars in the sky—I actually took a second to appreciate the sounds and stillness around me.

I was afraid as soon as I got back to Los Angeles things would immediately go back to normal, but as I was drinking coffee on my sofa the morning after I returned, I took a second to appreciate the gentle breeze creeping through my window—and for a split hectic Los Angeles second, took a moment to enjoy the stillness.