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Ex Infinitas – Australia Grabs Paris’ Attention

Jun 11, 2019

Ex Infinitas – Australia Grabs Paris’ Attention


What happens when you polish off Australian culture with a modern brush? You get Ex Infinitas, the brainchild of Lukas Vincent, the second Australian menswear designer in history to be invited by the Federation de la Mode to show on schedule in Paris. We were able to dive into what lead him to receive the International Woolmark Prize, followed by the GQ Designer of the Year award shortly after launching the debut SS17 collection in 2017.

“The impetus for creating the brand was an intuitive response to what I perceived to be a significant gap in Australian menswear,” Lukas started. “Drawing influences from the local ‘bogan’ culture I grew up with, I elevated its somewhat countercultural spirit into a more refined, luxury space that would ultimately gain the attention of the fashion world in Paris.” There are two important ‘B’ words you need to know about Australian lifestyle – beachy and bogan. Beachy is self-explanatory. 80% of Australians live by the coast because the middle of the continent is, well, uninhabitable desert. Bogan, however, is what you get when you raise a redneck in Australia. It’s a term of endearment with many Aussies, and, just like their American Dukes of Hazard-esque counterparts, bogans are known for getting into mischief. So, when Lukas moved back home after a 10-year stint working as a fashion consultant in New York City and Paris, he rediscovered these classic Australian trends.

“While creating the brand, I found myself back living at my childhood home in rural, suburban, coastal Victoria, where many of the iconic Australian surf brands were founded,” Lukas envisioned, referencing household names like Quiksilver, Rip Curl, and many more now-worldwide brands. He knew there was a way to merge his global experience in the fashion industry to make a unique brand of his own. “It was my idea to create a conceptual framework that combined surf, art, and tailoring as the DNA of the brand.” All the hype hasn’t come without scrutiny. “Since establishing the brand in 2016, we’ve stayed true to our sartorial surf DNA, despite our aesthetic being adopted as a “trend” by many established luxury brands since,” Lukas shared. As an underrepresented niche in the fashion world, many bigger brands have considered Ex Infinitas’ flame to be short-lived. But, they keep punching out big hits each year, with their newest being AW19.

Lukas has a plan for the road ahead, too: “In the near future, we plan to create a permanent space in Paris dedicated to the Australian luxury surf narrative, housing our ready-to-wear collections, footwear and accessories.” Another part of Ex Infinitas’ future plans involves including Lukas lonesco, who appeared in the first lookbook for their SS17 collection a couple years ago. “For us, he embodies the true essence of the EX boy – being an actor, musician, artist and style icon,” stated Zane Van Hender, another member of Ex Infinitas. “He’s an absolute riot and a pleasure to work with – and for Lukas, it’s been vital to surround himself with a true vision of what represents the brand in its entirety, rather than a standard model. He encompasses everything Lukas admires, as a young, creative, force of nature.” With what they’ve already accomplished in the past, it would be no surprise if Lukas leads the brand to establish a stronger foothold in Paris. Wherever they ride the waves, be sure to keep an eye on Ex Infinitas.