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Out of Office: Nashville

Sep 17, 2017

Out of Office: Nashville


Every time I tell people I grew up in Nashville, I get one of two answers: “I’ve always wanted to go! Definitely need to make a trip there soon!” or “Yes, I love Nashville!” It’s a place everyone seems to falls in love with, because it has its own music-filled, butter-laden, denim-drenched charm

So here I am—your trusty first generation Indian-American—a Nashville-raised, LA-based advocate for my hometown. But why should you care about my opinions? Well, I did live there for twenty years of my life and also, my brother is the unofficial mayor. Anyways, I left the urine-soaked streets of DTLA to step into the land of jam-slathered biscuits and curl-hating humidity to bring you the best of my city. Of course, it was necessary to make this completely social media friendly, since, let’s be honest, that’s half of the reason you’re going anyways.


Instagram This:

Yes, the lighting is good. Yes, the content is even better.

434 Houston Street Nashville, TN 37203


Chef Josh Habiger is one of Nashville’s most prized transplants. With a newly-minted twenty-four seat haven in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, his unpretentiously delicious restaurant serves dishes made for you and your feed.


For more on Bastion, follow them on Instagram.

800 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Manuel Couture

From Elvis Presley to John Lennon to Lady Gaga, Manuel Cuevas has designed rhinestone cowboy-inspired clothing for just about everyone.


For more on Manuel Couture, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.

623 7th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203

Third Man Records

The infamous record label, record store, and live venue, are all under one roof—and of course, mastermind Jack White is behind it all.


For more on Third Man Records, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.

Snapchat This:

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416 Broadway B, Nashville, TN 37203

Robert’s Western World

Face it, you’re going to end up going to Nashville’s famous honky tonk bars. So we recommend making a pitstop at Robert’s for the $5 Recession Special: A fried bologna sandwich, chips, and an ice cold PBR.


For more on Robert’s Western World, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.

1900 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Broadway Brewhouse 

One word: Bushwackers. I could definitely tell you all about these—actually warn you all about them—but instead, I’m just going to let you handle this one yourself. The folks at Broadway Brewhouse definitely have the best ones in town, so be sure to visit them for your first Bushwacker experience.


For more on Broadway Brewhouse, follow them on Twitter.

112 19th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Hattie B’s 

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the delicious terror itself: NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN. While you can certainly head to Prince’s for an authentic experience, if you’re finishing up a few bushwackers near by and want some of the best hot chicken in the city, we highly recommend Hattie B’s. We’re leaving this to Snapchat because your before and after faces should be available for a limited time only.


For more on Hattie B’s, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.

Tweet This:

These places will give you something to talk about.

919 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

The Frist Center

When it comes to Nashville museums, this is the holy grail. As a non-collecting art institution with every-changing exhibitions, an interactive gallery, shop, and cafe, this is a must-see for everyone.


For more on The Frist Center, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.

15 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

Crema Coffee

This is hands down our favorite coffee in all of Nashville—they roast their own beans, make their famous coffee soda, and always keep us up to date with their latest happenings on Twitter. More perks? It’s been around for over a decade, so they definitely know what they’re doing.


For more on Crema Coffee, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.

1414 Clinton Street, Nashville, TN 37203

Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery

Hands down the best whiskey in Nashville—enough said. Also, call an Uber, you’ll need it.


For more on Nelson’s Greenbriar Distillery, follow them on Instagram + Twitter.